Supperclub London12 Acklam Road, Notting Hill, W105QZ, London,England

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Supperclub London is a feast for the senses, with a creative explosion of music, food and performance in a chic, minimal space just off Portobello Road [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Supperclub in one of its many forms around the world (Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Ibiza and more...), then you’re in for a surprise - this is a superbrand that mixes gourmet food, avant garde style and eclectic artistic performances with cutting-edge music and a switched-on crowd. Equal parts restaurant, bar and performance art space, Supperclub is unique and daring, and comes across like a space-age counterpart to The Box (based in London & New York).

Located just off from the creative melting pot of Portobello Road, Supperclub London maintains the visual signature of the Supperclub brand, with a shiny, monochrome white sheen that provides a neutral backdrop to the waves of colour beaming from the food, the crowd and the performers. After arriving in a blood-red entrance room where you can sip some pre-dinner drinks, the team manage to build some anticipation of what awaits behind the sliding doors. The effect is impressive as you’re greeted with a large minimal space centred around a wide open main-room, with a few tables and chairs, comfortable lounge / bed seating on the ground floor and a great view from the mezzanine level above (the mezzanine also has its own bar and gives a birds-eye view of the action below).

So what about the supper? Well, for a flat fee you’re in for a surprise as the menu can change on any given night, with the food taking on a performance aspect in sync with the rest of the venue. For around £45 you get 4 courses as well as the night’s entertainment, with dinner service adding some spice to the meals. Alongside that the drinks are great, with a good selection of cocktails including some cheeky originals, a solid wine list and a whole spectrum of champagne.

You can expect to hear some good House music at Supperclub, with top-notch resident DJs on the decks and some well-known guests, and on top of that there’s a variety of sound installations and live musicians on display. It's open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 2am, so while it's not one for the super-massive night, it still changes the vibe when it gets a bit later. It’s all about entertainment that pushes limits, thrills and titillates, so if you’re easily offended this might not be your kind of place, but for anyone that enjoys the bleeding edges of art and entertainment this will be right down your alley.

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