Milk & Honey134 Eldridge Street, New York,U.S.A.

Website Phone(212) 625-3397
  • Music StylesJazz, Ambient
  • Opening HoursNon-Members: Until 11pm
  • Accepts Credit Cards?No
  • Busy Nights Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Transport / ParkingGrand St (B, D)
    Bowery (J)
    Canal St (J, N, Q, Z)
  • Average Entry CostFree / Members
  • Dress CodeRefined
  • Guest List?No
  • VIP / Bday PackagesMembership

Milk & Honey is hands-down one of the best bars in the world - and also virtually impossible to get into... [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

Widely regarded as one of the best bars in the world, Milk & Honey is a genuinely special cocktail lounge in New York city that prides itself on a high-quality, no-celeb approach to the nouveau-speakeasy trend of the past few years.

Eschewing the traditional hero-worshipping of most US clubs, owner Sasha Petraske has even gone as far as imposing some explicit rules to prevent unwanted vibes permeating the atmosphere: “No name-dropping and starfucking”, “Gentlemen will not introduce themselves to ladies”, and “Do not bring anyone unless you would leave that person alone in your home” (you can find the full list written in the bathroom).

Now, you’ve either got to love or hate a cocktail lounge that has official rules, and if you’re a fan of world-class mixology then it’s guaranteed that the L-word will be rolling off your lips after the first sip at Milk & Honey. When it comes to the cocktails the bartenders here are so well-versed in their craft that you can tell them what your favourite flavours are and within minutes they’ll whip you up something amazing.

Although not exclusively members-only (like its London counterpart), Milk & Honey does require a reservation, so if you’re genuinely interested in going you’ll have to do a little bit of hunting and gathering, which is good as it keeps out all but the truly interested (and, for the most part, interesting). Sit back, have a chat to the bartender and drink some of the best cocktails in the world while sweet jazz plays softly in the background.

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