GOODGOD53-55 Liverpool Street, Spanish Quarter, Sydney, 2000,AUSTRALIA

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GOODGOD is an awesome little nightclub, bar and diner down in Sydney's Spanish Quarter. Expect an upbeat vibe, great crowd, a constant stream of new music and the best bar food in the city. [Read the Nightclub & Bar Review]

Nightclub & Bar Review

GOODGOD is a little gem of a venue that sits down on Liverpool Street in the Spanish Quarter just off from George Street. Having opened for a brief time back in 2009, this time the team have combined great food, a cool interior and a top-notch music policy to create one of the coolest clubs that Sydney has seen in quite some time (and which we need a whole lot more of to be honest).

A little glowing white sign out the front first alerts you to what lies behind the unassuming facade, but as soon as you enter and feel a blast of warm air and good vibes you’ll know you’re in the right place. Separated into a couple of sections, with a front bar crammed with comfortable white stucco booths and a large dancefloor sitting next to ‘The Dip’ - a boutique diner that serves the best kind of drinking food on earth - burgers & fries, nachos & guacamole, hot dogs & club sandwiches - this section is worth a visit in its own right, and when you add in their jugs of cocktails and the crowd they bring in, GOODGOD is headed right to the top of the Sydney scene.

In the back section you’ll find ‘Danceteria’ - this is where most of the headline artists play, and the room is reasonably spacious, with a raised stage and seating around the sides, a little bar serving cold beers, wines and spirits - nothing spectacular but just good and solid. The ceilings are low but the sound is surprisingly good (it’s hard to find the right balance in little spaces like this), and there’s room for plenty of people, yet the vibe is still really intimate.

The music at GOODGOD is as mixed as you can get - with one unifying theory: awesome goodness. Dancehall? Check. Rock’n’Roll? Check. Hip-Hop? Acoustic? House? You got it. Because of the mix of genres, you might want to check who’s playing in advance, but if you’re not stuck in one groove then just come down and you’ll be sure to hear something you like. Overall GOODGOD has got the goods - a great crowd including curious newcomers and welcoming regulars, some of the best bar food in the city and a constant stream of brilliant music.

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